StrategicInterCom - Center for strategic intercultural Communication GmbH is a network company that is active internationally founded in 2010 in Germany. The headquarters is in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

StrategicInterCom GmbH focuses on developing and supporting executives, expatriates and high potentials by creating and implementing exclusive activities and initiatives.


Our main working fields:

  • Business Delegation Visits to Europe & Asia
  • Management Training Programs
  • Integration & Adaptation Courses
  • Lecturing courses for Business Schools & Universities
  • Annual Business Innovation Conferences
  • Individual Improvement Sessions for VIPs

Our network partners

In the connected world, partnerships between market players is one of the key issues of successful business growth.

Therefore, we continue to build on an existing global partner network which comprises strategic alliances, global and regional partners from leading technological companies, higher education institutions, governments, NGOs and private businesses.

Our expertise – your benefits:

  • Improving leadership skills & abilities for more success
  • Increasing your employees’ commitment to the organization
  • Minimization of intercultural conflicts within/between the teams
  • Generating new leads and ideas within the team for more innovation power
  • Excellent business networking opportunities within Asian & European societies
  • Deeper understanding of foreign employees’ background and heritage due to better social integration.

In the process of our work, we often use unconventional development tools and methods to support people in challenging professional and private situations.

All our programs are tailor-made and exclusive. We work in different languages and in the entire Asian-European continent.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe in interconnectedness. We cross boundaries to bring continents together. We strive to harmonize diverse differences - of generations, nations, cultures, beliefs, and professions.

We believe in self-determination. We see the human being as the cause and engine of his own fortune and not a mere product of business activity.

We believe in humanity. We advocate the new leadership paradigm - of leaders serving people and we uphold the sustainability of human action.