Executive Business trips to Europe & Asia

With our exclusive business trips, we propose you rich, rigorous and global business education knowledge needed to solve the problems of tomorrow.

To provide you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with business practices and real-world activities of international companies, we offer short-term educational sessions in parallel with visits to the world's best companies.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to receive practical insider information from visits to highly developed companies where they encounter practical management tasks, take part in workshops by leading business consultants, exchange professional experiences with colleagues, establish new business connections, learn about the culture of Asia and Europe.


Your Benefits:

  • Development of significant business strategy and leadership vision
  • Gaining a complete set of advanced business knowledge and skills
  • Working with a selected network of executive colleagues and sharing best practices
  • Studying with widely experienced executives with significant research in their respective fields
  • Learning successful applications and the corresponding business theory
  • Acquiring analytical techniques required to perform executive functions and to solve problems
  • Learning from a faculty of successful and leading experts from the world's largest companies (Volkswagen, Vallourec, Daimler, AGCO, Commerzbank, Philips, Airbus, Hermes Logistic, Heimbach Fabrics, Bright Diary and many others)

Corporate business trips

Employee motivation is key to enhancing individual performance and group productivity and to maintaining a pleasant office culture. Incentivizing your workforce to perform to its full potential requires rewarding the desired performance in a memorable way.

Travel is the perfect reward. Envisioning a vacation, with lingering anticipation of the experience, can be more present in employees’ minds over time than an impending arrival of a gift card, or even bigger rewards such as bonuses and stock options.

Travel incentives have the additional advantage of motivating not only the recipients, but also those around them. The act of sharing these experiences with co-workers on their return from a vacation is sufficient for the other group members to realize the value of the reward. The social aspect of travel incentives provides a layer of motivation that cannot be matched in a cash-only reward environment.

Center for strategic intercultural Communication GmbH specializes in designing travel incentive programs that fit your company's incentive structure, work within your budget and are tailored specifically to motivate your employees to accomplish their goals.


Below you will find pictures of our Business Delegation Visits.

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