A very special event organized by StrategicInterCom, with the support of several big players from industry, society and government is the ASIAN-EUROPEAN CONGRESS. This annual conference is designed for top executives, successful entrepreneurs, senior professionals, open-minded investors in human capital and recognized academics who live and work in innovative, multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural environments.

The main target of the Asian-European Congress is to establish an interdisciplinary interaction platform for business and business related disciplines. Each year the Congress takes place in a different city, focusing on different themes and issues.  The first Asian-European Congress was held in Beijing 2013, the second in Shanghai 2014, and the third in Almaty 2016.

All Congresses attracted top executives from such world-leading companies and organizations as UNO, UNESCO, local Ministries, City Governments, Volkswagen, Vallourec, AGCO Corporation, Google, Bombardier, Alstom, SEB Bank, Royal Bank of Canada as well as general managers from hundreds of medium-sized enterprises from all over the world.


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