Mittelstand – EXECUTIVE together with Boss & Young Attorneys at Law Shanghai successfully organized an exclusive think tank & networking event on “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans” presented by Dr. Konstantin Schamber.

Dr. Schamber who is an international entrepreneur and artificial intelligence social impact advocate, presented his point of view on development of humans and AI. His main argument is that over the past 300 years, humans have demonstrated a series of amazing technological breakthroughs that had previously been unthinkable. Humans learned how to create new types of animals and plants and it is quite likely that they will soon create a new kind of intelligent creature, which in turn will begin to develop, modify and manage both itself and humans. However, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence humans might lose the intellectual superiority which is considered the main achievement of human species. In his presentation Dr. Schamber explored the reasons why it could happen and the consequences it would have on humans and our society.

“My takeaway was that my understanding of AI or imagination of AI was wrong. I thought it will be a fast tool that could help to boost our goals. It was a brilliant event. I really enjoyed it. The presentation was nicely done so that the right questions could be asked. Good arrangement”, said one of the executives attending the event.

Another executive addressed his opinion by pointing out the importance of future AI research: “Very convincing and eye-opening talk. It gives me the impression that we cannot ignore the topic and should use more AI in the business. Although I am natural scientist, I liked the fact to hear the story NOT from a (computer) scientist or mathematician. The fact that the speaker comes from social science drove the topic also towards more general impact on society, humanity, and even into some philosophical questions, and ethical, legal and other discussions, and also some evolution discussions, many of those questions now already real, but others still remain hypothetical (Gedankenexperiment). Very interesting! Thank you! A real special evening!”

Mittelstand – EXECUTIVE was organized by the MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL together with Boss & Young Attorneys at Law Shanghai.

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