The Advisory Board of the Center for strategic intercultural communication GmbH is an essential decision-supporter responsible for advising the Management in various specific fields, such as economic and fiscal policies, education and culture, cooperation and development, business and innovation.

Advisory Board members are not directly responsible for managing project activities, however, they provide support and guidance for those who do, particularly to:

  • Ensure that the planned strategy matches the aim of the company
  • Consider ideas and issues raised
  • Provide guidance to the Management
  • Help balance conflicting priorities and resources


The Advisory Board of StrategicInterCom GmbH:

Prof. Dr. Burghard Scheel

• Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Fraunhofer IFF


Karl-Heinz Hessenthaler

• President of the Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises - MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL


Prof. Zhangros Kanimetov

• Honored Teacher of the Kyrgyz Republic
• President of the Congress of Education Workers of the Kyrgyz Republic
• State Advisor Class II of the Kyrgyz Republic
• Three-time deputy of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic


Prof. Dr. Winston P. Nagan

• Director of Institute for Human Rights, Peace and Development at Florida University
• Honorary Professor at University of Cape Town
• Chair of Trustees at World Academy of Art and Science


Dr. Natalia Evtikhieva

• Dean of the International School of Business and Technology NUST MISA in Moscow
• General Director of the Russian Association of Business Education
• General Director of the National Accreditation Council for Business and Management Education


Prof. Dr. Bogdan Goralczyk

• Head of Department of International Research Cooperation at Centre for Europe University of Warsaw
• Former Ambassador of Poland


Atty. Anne Mariae Celeste V. Jumadla
• Managing Director, RevoIPMente Innovation Management Services
• Consultant to the Director General, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
• Consultant, Sapalo Velez Bundang & Bulilan Law Offices