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Mr. Schamber, I thank you for the excellent training. Your deep understanding of cultural differences, together with your encouragement, helped me improve my dealings with our foreign clients.

Kenan Jiang
Director for IP department
Chinese consulting & legal service company,

The master class ‘Go East, Go Asia’ at the WFI - School of Management was very impressive and fits through the range of current topics.

The presentation was very well perceived by the participants both thematically and rhetorically. It was built to be very interactive, understandable and interesting. It was clear that the speaker has a lot of experience with the topic and could provide lots of practical advice through his numerous stays in Asia. Moreover, it was frequently noted that he has a voice and lecture style which people love to hear, and that makes it easy to stay attentive.

One participant said afterwards that it was one of the most interesting lectures he had ever heard. Through its varied and interesting lecture, Dr. Schamber strongly contributed to the success of the event.

IN.Asia Team
Team Leader
WFI – School of Management, Ingolstadt

For all participants of the training, it was an unexpected expansion of knowledge in intercultural communication on one side and knowledge of how to lead on the other. The day spent with you was the start of a very positive development in our production division.

The cultural differences identified and the representation of different ways of thinking and patterns of behavior helped my team leaders and masters to improve their leadership abilities; especially our most critical sector, which is currently converting into a model department. I would once again like to thank you for this opportunity.

Lothar Schutzbach
Plant Executive
Aesculap AG, Tuttlingen

Dr. Schamber, I thank you for the mental structuring, analytical clarity and your very positive way of communicating. In our joint meetings I was able to gain a better understanding of my action as a European leader in Russia. I look forward to the next coaching session.

Björn R.
Vice President
Leading European Retailer in Russia

Dear Dr. Schamber, thank you for your positive feedback. We are pleased that you were satisfied with the organization of the event. Your presentation was very well appreciated by our students. Thank you for the many useful insights about work opportunities in China.

We would therefore be pleased if we could get back to you in the future to offer such an event once again. In this sense, we hope to continue our good cooperation and wish you a nice day. Greetings from Passau.

Renate Mayer
Head of Career Service Centers
Passau University

First of all, I liked the fact that in your master class you were very interactive with the audience. Therefore, all participants could not only receive information, but had the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss some of the issues discussed during the workshop.

Also, the information that you provided to us at the workshop, is of special practical value for me. In Russia, in fact, we still underestimate the prospects for China's development, and knowledge about their mentality is undoubtedly useful in the future. Thank you again for new ideas!

Evgeny Loginov
Distance Learning Distributor
Mercedes-Benz Russia SAO

We know personally that your speeches and presentations are considered among the best. Many thanks for a very interesting master class! See you next time again!

Ivan Matuchen
Managing Director of Media Holding
RNTI Media Group

It's very interesting presentation of the material, leaving a positive impression. I got a lot of useful insights. Training is very useful for executives. Thank you for organizing the event!

Elena Vilisova
Leading specialist of the methodology, analysis and project management
MTS – Russian Telecom

Very interesting and charismatic lecturer. I am glad that I got the chance to join his seminar. His speech is uniquely informative, useful and of high quality. Thanks to Konstantin! I hope to meet him once again!

Ekaterina Gonzharova
HR Director
OOO „Biglion“, Moscow

The seminar is very interesting, lively, lots of important information, narrated in a comprehensible and easy language. Loved it. Thank you!

Nina Wartenkova
Administrative Assistant
Microsoft Russia

Excellent! A deep understanding of the topic; brilliant presentation of the material.

Michail Starovaitov
Logistics Manager
Sakhalin Energy Investment Company SEIC

I was impressed with Konstantin´s seminar because he used unique materials and ways of explaining leadership. The examples were easy to perceive and very informative at the same time. Chinese wisdom and German ways of doing business in the Russian exposition struck me to the core. Thank you so much! Your seminar is very useful and important.

Oksana Osipova
Head of Operative Business Units
BP Russia
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