• Founder and Managing Director of the Center for strategic intercultural communication GmbH (StrategicInterCom), Germany
  • Founder and Chairman of Business Innovation Congress (BIC), Asia
  • Representative of the Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises in CIS (MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL), China

Dr. Konstantin Schamber is an entrepreneur, expert in intercultural business communication, and artificial intelligence from the social sciences point of view.

Dr. Schamber specializes in the development and support of executives who live and work in cross-cultural business environments. He is a certified expat trainer and executive coach (KE+P, Volkswagen Coaching); working in three languages and advising both individuals and (global) organizations on issues of international business communication and intercultural management.


Working Languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Russian

Being of multi-cultural background and having vast academic know-how and hands-on practical experience gained from working across several business functions and across geographies, he works in three languages and advises both individuals and (global) organizations on issues of his expertise.


Target Groups:

  • Executives
  • Expatriates

Dr. Schamber graduated from the Munich University institutes of economic sociology and social psychology where he received his PhD, working with his doctoral adviser Prof. Dr. Ulrich Beck who is the well-known German sociologist and political philosopher.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Communication
  • Intercultural Leadership 
  • Cross-cultural Collaboration