With excellent delivery and facilitation in international practice, we continuously offer high quality and client-specific courses which have a positive and lasting effect within the organization.

Our programs and executive education courses can help professionals and promising entrepreneurs develop their careers and their businesses. Our programs combine robust academic thinking with industry truths to guarantee individual career enhancement. Business trainings we do offer:


Self Management

  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking Preparation
  • Career Development
  • Work-Life Balance

Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Management of multicultural teams
  • Cross-Cultural Business Communication
  • Doing Business with Germans
  • Doing Business with Chinese
  • Doing Business with Russians
  • Work & Life in Central Asia
  • International HR-Management

Leadership & Creativity

  • Intercultural Leadership
  • Effective Coaching Skills for Executives
  • Creativity Sessions for R&D Departments


We are available for many subjects and issues. With scientific systems and information updated promptly, all our seminars and workshops stimulate thinking attitude and behavior change and are easy for the participants to learn and to apply at the workplace.

Additionally, we can provide you with a personalized program in your own premises. An in-house workshop is a convenient option that can offer a collaborative learning environment and be specifically tailored to meet both your team’s and organizational needs.